Being IATA member since 1954, we are serving a very large number of Turkish clientele as well as tourists for their domestic and international flight ticket needs. We are always willing to please you, you can reach us 24/7 for any emergency cases.

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Our honorary president Mr. Jak Kohen Kasar is one of the founders of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies in 1972. TURSAB is the first and maybe the only association which has its own law written by Mr. Jak Kohen Kasar.


Our president Mr. Moris Kohen Kasar is the founder and current president of (KURAP) the Platform of Turkish Cooperate Travel Agencies which is founded in 2018.



We are one of the oldest IATA agency in Turkey and we contributed a lot to the development of the aviation sector. Our president Mr. Moris Kohen Kasar was the president of IATA committee in TURSAB from 2011 to 2015.



We are proud to be the member of WATA for Turkey since 1992, one of the oldest tourism organisation, established in 1949. Our president Mr. Moris Kohen Kasar is also the current president of WATA since 2013