Leader of the team or best shooter will shoot the given target balloons with air rifle



Transfer from the hotel to the place where the group will have photography education in English (it depends on their photography level and interests) and they find an opportunity to see some examples of the important photographers in Turkey and in the world. The group will go to some places in Istanbul by the professional photographer and the English speaking guide to take photos. The program will be adjusted according to their photography knowledge, special interests about the photography (documentary, digital, art, architectural etc.) and their requested places in Istanbul to take photos. Return to the hotel.



In this version of orienteering/treasure hunt game which is applied in Grand Bazaar (or in the old city), there are two objectives: to develop team work and communication skills by inserting the group in a challenging environment and to provide that the group will visit and enjoy the basic historical places of the Grand Bazaar.

The design and the application of the game will be as follows:

  • Before the game, a short pre briefing will be given to the whole group
  • The group is then taken to the Grand Bazaar and final preperations for the game is made. The group is separated into different teams.
  • Each team will follow different directions to collect the clues which would help them to solve the secret sentence that reaches them to treasure.Each team will have compass and map to find their ways, and some documents about Grand Bazaar. These tools and information will be given as separated pieces so that they can reach the clues only if they work with the colleboration of whole team members.
    Clue sources may be in different shapes and places which are summarised below:
  • Some authentic shops in the Grand Bazaar like handicraft, carpet shops, jewellery, spice shops etc. By this way the group will see the great variety while walking around bazaar.
  • Some geographical places or arhitectural objects at Grand Bazaar. (such as courtyards, entrance door, fountain, window, inscription).
  • An information source who waits constant at a determined place (or who moves) will be a MORIS staff who the attenders will see before. The group will receive the information when they find him and give the correct password.


* The basic language of the game is English. However the clues and sentences are prepared in a simple way by symbols and pictures so that people from any language could understand.

* The game has a time limit. The group should reach to a certain point at the end of the game. If they can not find the treasure they will receive scores according to the clues they find. If more than one group reaches the treasure, the one who comes firstwill be the winner.



In this game , the attenders are given a scenario. They are wanted to act according to this as a team and compete with the other teams. The information about the situation, the assignment, the procedure and finishing are given below.

Information about the accomplices who hid the jewels, the declerations of the suspects, special pochettes on which the names of the players are written, limited amount of map, money and other equipment about target detection and mission accomplishment are given at the beginning of the game.

The Situation: In the first week of ??? / 201?, there was a robbery in Topkapi Palace. Some valuable pieces were stolen from the Treasury Room of the palace and in their places were put the fake ones even now on display. News of the situation hasn’t been released to the press; it is being held secret to forestall a loss of prestige. But the insurance company is both cooperating with the police and also has informed separate private detective agencies, and has announced that a reward would be given for each piece they found. You make up one of these detective groups.

According to the findings it happened thus: on the day of the crime at 10:30 at Topkapi Palace, Ayasofya, Yerebatan, Archeology Museum and Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art, the alarms all rang at the same time, a few security cameras didn’t work, and there were a few electrical failures. This 30 or 40 second confusion in the security forces at least opened a weak spot causing necessary actions to be late. The police and security officers who reached the scenes found nothing out of the ordinary, so considered the situation a technical fault; in spite of this they still checked the identity and lightly questioned everyone who was there during that time. After further investigation it turned out that there had been a robbery. When the film from hidden cameras was analyzed it was understood that some people had nothing to do with the robbery and their names were removed from the list of suspects. But according to the evidence some people’s situations weren’t quite clear. It was obvious that some of these weren’t where they said they were when the alarms went off or at the time of the robbery, or had tried to something with the alarms. So this means that the people who gave a false statement to the police are connected with the robbery.



In this game group members are about to join a magnificent sight seeing tour and an attractive game which is “In Search of Ancient Golds”.

They are going to search for the ancient treasures of Romans hidden in the first hill of the seven hills of old city. The hunt game will be between the teams . They have 45 min. time limit. Each team will have a map of city and information documents that guide each attendant about the historical places in the old city.

They will have a detailed briefing before the game about how to play it and some time will be given to the groups for them to plan the strategy. Each group will have three enlightenment points to reach in order to find the treasure.

The team who first finds the treasure, wins the game. But in any case, all joiners win a lot by seeing the magnificent treasures of Istanbul.

Possibile Regions
The Grand Bazaar
Old streets, shops, fountains, mosques (yes in the grand bazaar), gates, “bedestens”.

SultanAhmet Square
SultanAhmet Mosque, Old Bysantian Hippodrome, SogukÇesme Street

Istiklal Avenue, Mosques, Churchs , old buildings

Main Points
Teams have 3 assignments, all the same but in different order.
Assignments and the neccessary information, edited map, (if needed compass) are given in sealed envelopes.
Teams try to find some certain places and answer some particular questions.
Time: 45 min. net (witout briefing, award ceremony etc.)


  • A brief will be given to event manager about the activity
  • Aim : Group Creativity
  • Equipments will be ready 1 hour before the event. (Painting board, brushes and canvas)
  • Who creates the best picture, they win



A brief will be given to event manager about the activity
This is basicly for fun, should not be consider as a challange activity
Will be ready 1 hour before the event
Belly dancer will teach how to dance in 1 hour



The art of ebru, or marbling as it is known in English, is a mysterious art whose history and technique hold many secrets. By whom, when or how ebru was discovered is unknown. However, researchers agree that it originated in the city of Bukhara in Turkistan, and from here spread via the Silk Road to Persia, India and Anatolia. The difficulties entailed by ebru lend it an uncertainty which is certainly part of its fascination. One of the best contemporary ebru artists, Mustafa Düzgünman, explains, “Ebru has a perpetually changing harmony, and requires great dedication and patience.”

The word ebru is defined in modern dictionaries as “coloured wavy patterns on paper”. This patterned paper was traditionally used to line book bindings, but today ebru works are often framed as pictures. In outline the traditional method is as follows: First a solution of gum tragacanth is placed in deep tray. The sap obtained from the stems of Astragalus Tragacantha, gum tragacanth, lends viscosity to the water. Who originally had this idea? No one knows. The origin of the method of preparing the pigments is another mystery. Having been ground to a fine powder the pigments are mixed with some kind of solutions. Then one or two small spoonfuls of fresh cattle gall are added to aid surface fluidity. The paints are now ready to use. Beginning with the darkest colour, the paints are dripped or sprinkled onto the surface of the solution with a brush. Dipping a stiff hair or stick into the water, the paint is gently swirled into the desired pattern. The sheet of paper is now gently placed on surface of the solution, and after waiting few seconds carefully lifted. We provide the transportation from the hotel to the fine arts course for “Marbling”. The course lasts 5 hours. At the end of the course we take the participants back to their hotels.



A brief will be given to event manager about the activity
This is basicly for fun, should not be consider as a challange activity
Will be ready 1 hour before the event



– The group will participate in a hands on preparation of a unique menu featuring the exciting and inspiring flavours of the Turkish Cuisine.
– Afterwards, they will get to enjoy the delicious menu they have prepared over lunch.
– Participants will be divided into groups during the Learn& Lunch activity. Each team will prepare four Turkish Cuisine recipes.
– Cooking stations will be formed for each team to prepare the meals in their menus.
– Food items, cooking equipment and Turkish Cuisine recipes will be ready on each station.
– An apron and a recipe booklet will be given as present to all participants.



A brief will be given to event manager about the activity
Will be ready 2 hour before the event
Basicly game is organised for 10 teams 100 person according the request this number can be changed
Arrival to the activity area and building the teams (10 teams). They will wear each in different colors uniforms.
They will be provided with 300 pieces of cube’s as a cube mountain.
Each team will have the picture of their model.
Each team has to find their own 30 pieces of cubes.
They have to bring these cubes to a certain area with carrying one by one on their head.
After they have to build the cubes as their picture (2m high – 3m wide).
First finishing team will get 10 Points. Last finishing team will get 1 point.
The winning team can be awarded just right after game there or in the Gala night by the company.
There will be some tables with cold drinks (soft drinks & water) and also cold refreshing towels ready.
A small sound system and DJ will be ready at the organization area.
Aim: Team coordination, fun, communication, team creativity.



A brief will be given to event manager about the activity
Will be ready 2 hour before the event
We prepare the activity area (Saloon or outside) with 100 chairs as shown on the pictures.
There are 50 small drums (Darbuka) 10 Big Drums (Davul) 20 Tef and 20 Finger Bells ready on the chairs.
Our Teachers (3 Person) will build in the middle their own music instruments (see pictures)
The Lesson will be approximately 3 hours. Our teachers introduce the instruments, the basics of playing this instrument and the first steps to build a rhythm. After a short brake the lesson will continue with showing the guests how to play the instruments together and we create a rhythm together.
Finally the clients will show their performance. We can do this at the Gala or at the Amphitheater before the Gala evening.

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