Secret Treasures of Istanbul

Secret Treasures of Istanbul

MT-14 - Secret Treasures of Istanbul

Half Day - Afternoons, possible on regular basis in English and on private basis in Spanish



We begin with a visit to the Süleymaniye Mosque. It dates from the height of the Ottoman Empire in the 16th century and was designed by Sinan, the greatest Ottoman architect. Next, we visit Fener and Balat, on the banks of the Golden Horn, two of Istanbul’s oldest neighborhoods, with their colorful cultures of Christianity, Islam and Judaism. We stop to taste traditional Turkish tea/coffee and then see the 5th century A.D. remains of Istanbul’s walls and the iron church of St. Stephen. We also see the Greek Orthodox church of Aya Nikola (from outside), the Patriarchate (from outside) and the church of St. Hiresdagabet (from outside).

Special Terms for This Tour:

  • This tour does not include lunch

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