CIP Airport Greetings service is designed to render service at world-wide standards for maximum passenger comfort. Offered by a crew with complete understanding of customized service. The customer is greeted at the terminal gate if he or she is taking a departing flight and greeted at the plane gate upon his or her arrival while his or her baggage is taken by CIP Airport Greetings staff. At departure, x-ray security transition, check-in and passport procedures, and at arrivals, passport control and, if necessary, purchase of a visa stamp, are completed exclusively by CIP staff.

Guests can rest; even take a shower (where available) in a peaceful environment, at the related CIP Lounge designed specifically for them, away from the crowd, noise, and stress of watching for flight information, where quality and comfort come first. Additionally, guests can work in the comfort of an office, use the Internet and taste the unlimited and delicious treats offered by service staff while they are reading newspapers or magazines. Passengers who have these privileges remain worry-free as they are transferred by special car through the airport during their departures and arrivals. Thus, the distances throughout the airport do not cause any problem for those who choose this service.

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Our honorary president Mr. Jak Kohen Kasar is one of the founders of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies in 1972. TURSAB is the only association which has its own law written by Mr. Jak Kohen Kasar.


Our president Mr. Moris Kohen Kasar is the founder and current president of (KURAP) the Platform of Turkish Cooperate Travel Agencies which is founded in 2018.



We are the oldest IATA agency in Turkey and we contributed a lot to the development of the aviation sector. Our president was also the president of IATA committee in TURSAB from 2011 to 2015.



World Association of Travel Agencies established in 1949, we are proud to be the member of one of the oldest tourism organisation for Turkey since 1992. Our president is current president of WATA since 2013.